enVy™ COPPER Pillow + SILK Pillowcase

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ANTI-AGING. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY. ANTI-SUPERBUGS. SMOOTH.       The SILK + COPPER infused Therapeutic Neck Support / TMJ Support/ CPAP Pillow with the Anti-Aging Edge.   Our Top-of -the-line Canadian made pillow comes with all the bells...


  The SILK + COPPER infused Therapeutic Neck Support / TMJ Support/ CPAP Pillow with the Anti-Aging Edge.  

Our Top-of -the-line Canadian made pillow comes with all the bells and whistles. Like our complete line of enVy™ pillows. it has the patented “OFF-Your-Face” designed memory foam. The COPPER + SILK has our 100% Mulberry SILK (Oeko-Tex Certified against harmful substances) plus our specialty eco-friendly TENCEL fabric Liner which is infused with COPPER powered by NatuVerex™ . This performance fabric has been tested and shown to be: Antimicrobial (including MRSA kill within 24hrs), Anti-inflammatory, Collagen Boosting and has Anti-oxidant properties which are proven to improve skin texture and tone. Learn more about the Benefits of Copper here! Experience the ONLY Fully Loaded Therapeutic Pillow with the Anti-Aging Edge.


Experience the Specialized Therapeutic Pillow with the Anti-Aging Edge.
Patented enVy™ Design + COPPER Technology + 100% Mulberry SILK pillowcase

*Each enVy COPPER + SILK pillow comes with

➢ Our premium Canadian made Unforgettable Memory Foam meets Certi-Pur Standards
➣ Each pillow comes with dual chiropractic neck support built into the pillow
➣ Central elevated pattern improves circulation by distributing weight and reducing pressure points  
➣ 100% COPPER infused TENCEL™ Liner
➣ Custom Fitted 100% Mulberry SILK 22 Momme (Oeko Tex Certified free of harmful substances)  
➣ Luxurious Satin Drawstring Travel Bag
➣ Detailed Instruction Sheet… So read them!!!
Dimensions: 52 cm x 36 cm/ 21 x 14 inches
Weight: 1,4 kg/ 3.2 lbs

Support Your Spine + Reduce Wrinkles and Bedhead
and Get Some Outrageously Deep Clean Smooth Sleep.



The enVy COPPER+SILK Pillow Deets

Each enVy COPPER + SILK pillow comes with 2 optional neck supports so you can decide which works for you or allows you to progress from the smaller neck support to the larger as your neck alignment improves.

The enVy pillow is for for side or back sleeping only.

The OFF-Your-Face Patented Ergonomic Design is perfectly engineered to cradle and subtly tilt your face and jaw away from the pillow, minimizing face-to-pillow contact while offering optimal neck support and alignment.

This off-loading of the jaw and face prevents and reduces the sleep wrinkles and premature aging that develop over time as we press our youthful faces info a pillow every night with our 8-10 pound weight of our head. That is the best overnight skin care and therapeutic beauty sleep we can offer.

Besides the design of the pillow that prevents sleep wrinkles while we sleep, the OFF-your-face positioning is a must-have after any invasive or non-invasive facial treatments or simply to help prevent pressure on one’s jaw and TMJ.

The enVy COPPER +SILK Anti-Aging Pillow comes with its custom fitted 100% Mulberry SILK pillowcase (*Oeko-TexⓇ Certified free of harmful substances). This removable pillowcase is placed on our state-of-the-art unforgettable Memory Foam from Canada.

Why we infused COPPER☄️into this pillow

First of its kind COPPER infused technology while you sleep! We added a COPPER Ion infused TENCEL® Pillow Liner to our patented Anti-Aging pillow. enVy is thrilled to be part of the new trend in offering the benefits of specialized fabrics into its pillow technology.  COPPER Ions powered by NatuVerex®  is 100% permanently infused into the TENCEL liner underneath the enVy 100% SILK pillowcase and spends the night keeping your skin protected!  COPPER is Antioxidant, Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, Anti-inflammatory (including MRSA) and is instrumental in tissue repair + Collagen / Elastin producing!

✔️COPPER Promotes the Production of Elastin + Collagen
✔️COPPER is a Germ Killing Powerhouse
✔️COPPER has Anti-Inflammatory Benefits for Speedy Tissue Healing and Repair

The enVy COPPER + SILK pillow is carried, slept on and recommended by MDs, Chiropractors, Physiotherapist, RMT’s, Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons and Anti-Aging Professionals. Its Patented V -Shape design provides optimal neck support and spinal alignment, minimizes face-to-pillow contact to reduce sleep wrinkles, promotes fast flawless healing after facial procedures and relieves jaw pain from TMD/ TMJ disorder.


How Does Copper Work?


Care and Use 


  • Do NOT wash the memory foam material. To remove spills or stains gently wipe with a damp cloth and allow to dry.
  • Do NOT go to bed with wet hair as this will degrade the product.
  • Do NOT fold the enVy pillow as the foam will split.
  • Do NOT use pillow without its custom fitted pillowcase and liner as this will expose the foam to increase wear and tear. Please avoid removing the protective liner.
  • Do NOT falsely believe that your new popularity has nothing to do with your new pillow.

* All above will nullify warranty


  • The removable custom fitted 100% SILK pillowcase should be washed in cool water on a gentle cycle with a delicate fabric detergent (we recommend a lingerie bag) or preferably wash by hand. 
  • Do not use chlorine bleach.
  • May be tumble dried on a gentle setting or preferably hung to dry.
  • Iron on a low setting.




    EnVy Pillow Manufacturer’s Warranty

    • At time of purchase enVy pillow warrants the zippered cover to be free from defects in material and workmanship.
    • The enVy Pillow Co. provides a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty against our foam products losing their shape or resilience. Please note colour change (yellowing), small pitting and cracks are normal oxidization and aging of a memory foam pillow. This warranty does not cover damage or failure resulting from misuse, abuse or normal wear and tear. For example, this warranty does not cover discolouration, stains, punctures, tears or abrasions. Additionally, surface imperfections or slight irregularities are part of the foam production and does not affect the quality, function and structural integrity of the product.


    Care and Use
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