Our Studies

A.  Copper Mask Anti-Microbial Studies:

Anti-Microbial Testing of Klebsiella pneumoniae: enVy™ COPPER infused Masks after 25 washes

Anti Microbial Testing of MRSA: enVy™ COPPER infused masks after 25 washes

Copper Studies

Coronavirus 229E remains infections on common touch services

A Novel Anti-Influenza Copper Containing Respiratory Face Mask

Putting Copper Into Action: Copper-impregnated Products With Potent Biocidal Activities

Biocidal Abilities of Copper Infused Fabrics

Pending Studies

We are currently working with the Canadian Government with supported research projects that focus directly on COVID-19. Coronavirus has been around for decades, including SARS and MERS. In fact, up to as much as 30% of common colds are caused by certain types of coronaviruses.

  • We currently have 5 Patents pending for our Copper technology in Canada, US, and India
  • Our masks and Pillows have a Medical Device Establishment License in Canada and a medical device license pending in the USA.
  • Our enVy™ COPPER provider is engaged in research and testing with a Canadian University for COVID-19.