COPPER Infused Face Mask by enVy™ (2 pack)

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COPPER Infused Face Masks by enVy™ . THE MASK FOR ANTI-MASKERS (and anyone else who hates wearing masks). *Masks are final sale* Advanced COPPER Technology infused into soft natural fabrics...
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COPPER Infused Face Masks by enVy™


THE MASK FOR ANTI-MASKERS (and anyone else who hates wearing masks).

*Masks are final sale*

Advanced COPPER Technology infused into soft natural fabrics + TRIPLE layers + Super Gentle Ear loops + Adjustable Nose Wire. Prevents 'Mask Acne' + Destroys Germs! Sustainable, Reusable, Washable, Breathable, Comfy

☯︎ GREY or ⚪️ WHITE or ⚫️ Black

Our Canadian-Made 🍁 enVy COPPER infused face mask utilizes advanced COPPER technology by NatuVerex. Copper is an anti-microbial powerhouse against bacteria and viruses while also preventing the dreaded 'mask acne' commonly referred to as 'MASKNE'.

The fully treated fabrics provide continuous release of COPPER ions to do its work protecting against germs, preventing 'maskne' and repairing your skin! Copper regenerates skin and speeds healing with its anti-acne properties. Tests show 99.9% effective even AFTER 100 home washings.

Lab Results on Methicillin Resistant Staph aureus (MRSA) show:

✓ 50% kill on contact      ✓ 85% kill within 1 hour      ✓ 99.9% kill in 24 hours

Our Anti-Microbial Masks use 100% Copper ions impregnated into the DNA of the natural fabrics leaving NO gaps untreated where nasty pathogens can sneak in! The centre layer is comprised of a polyester non-woven interface. We do not use 🚫 nylon or 🚫 neoprene which can irritate the skin!

*See our studies and publications here

COPPER Infused Face Mask by EnVy™

Our Studies

Check out the lab studies on our enVy™ COPPER Masks

Copper Studies

 Check out the decades of COPPER

Pending Studies

 Check here for the latest studies on our COPPER masks!

The enVy™ COPPER infused Face mask (Non-medical Cloth mask with Natural Breathable Fabrics)

When the pandemic hit we were already using this amazing anti-microbial COPPER fabric in our COPPER line of products to combat acne, rosacea and sleep skin healing after any invasive or non-invasive treatment. Creating this Copper face mask with 100% Copper was an easy pivot for protection against germs in our environment, from hand to mask touching and also prevent and stop the dreaded Face Mask Acne (Maskne) which has become our latest battle. You won’t see Nylon or Neoprene in any of our products including our COPPER infused Face Masks.  Because we use the advanced germ killing COPPER we are able to obtain a 100% COPPER infused maximum coverage into the matrix of our super soft natural fabrics. Partnering with  NatuVerex™ (a Canadian Copper fabric company), we developed this next generation anti-microbial anti-Maskne Face Mask that uses a specialized COPPER nanoparticles technique which is able to be permanently grafted to the entire DNA of the natural fabric using a unique bonding technique.  Perfect for all our COPPER line of products. 

Our enVy™ Copper face mask is a 3 layered PPE Mask and comes in 3 colours - TENCEL™  or a Cotton Blend . All our mask come in S|M (suitable for 6 yrs to petite adults) and M|L (average to larger faces) *See dimensions below or click on the sizing icon above.

☯︎ Salt-N-Pepa Grey Mask – Cotton/ Poly Blend 

⚫️ Little Black Mask – Cotton /Poly Blend (S/M) or TENCEL™ Blend (M/L)

 ⚪️ White Mask – TENCEL™ Blend Fabric 

Need Help with Sizing?

All of our masks are available in S|M which are suitable for most youth as young as 6 years to petite adults.  Our M|L is slightly longer from nose wire to chin and fits most average to larger adults. Below is some help with picking the best size for you and yours.

Our Anti-Microbial Mask come with Insanely gentle SoftEAR Loops and Adjustable Nose Wire

Aside from the natural soft fabrics we use, our COPPER infused Face Masks all come with the new SoftEAR™ loops and our adjustable nose wire. If you are needing to adjust the loops you can do so by sliding the cord through the loop channel, finding the attachment, cutting to your length, adding a new stitch or tying a knot and sliding back into the channel.

Our COPPER Technology is a Game Changer

According to Michael Schmidt, a professor of microbiology and immunology at the Medical University of South Carolina, who has studied the use of copper in medical products says that the advantage of copper in a mask is,

“As the viral particles go out of you through the copper mask into the environment, they will die.”

BUT he also warns about how much copper is actually in many copper mask out on the market who may only have a few threads of copper yarn woven into the fabric,

 “The effectiveness of a mask depends on how much copper is in it. Virus particles are very small, so they would need to actually encounter the copper to be deactivated. The best copper masks would have copper incorporated into every fiber, rather than just on one single layer embedded inside the mask.”

Schmidt believes that if a reputable copper mask company offers  these types of masks, it could be a game changer.

“If we begin to incorporate copper masks into our strategy … we may be able to short-circuit (future) waves that are coming.”

And that’s exactly what we do with our Copper infused face mask with anti-microbial power!!

Copper Infused Masks are Superior

One way the virus can be transmitted is if someone touches an infected surface—like a doorknob—then touches their mask to adjust it. In this situation, the copper in our mask would kill these viruses, whereas they would linger on a traditional cloth or non-woven (surgical/ medical) mask, potentially contaminating the wearer.

“The outside of a mask can pick up the virus. You can pick it up with your fingers, rub your eye, pick your nose, lick your finger, and voila, you’re contaminated.”~ Michael G. Schmidt, Ph.D

Copper treated natural fibres may be better than a non-woven surgical/medical masks

New research out of University of Illinois by Science and engineering team: When a natural common non-medical cloth mask uses 2 layers or 3 layers, the droplet efficiency was 98.6% compared to the 96.3% efficiency of the 3-layered medical mask made with synthetic materials or nylon.  Yet, the 2-layered cotton mask still has comparable if not better breathability compared to the medical mask (non-woven material and nylon / synthetic material). Breathability is a critical parameter for any mask design. A high efficiency mask material with low breathability will have air flow through the sides allowing droplets to enter or exit the respiratory system. This is a function of the fact that fabric masks are hydrophilic (moisture retaining) vs surgical masks are hydrophobic (moisture repelling).

The enVy™ COPPER infused Face Masks are made from Cotton blends or TENCEL™ (both natural fibres)  which provide the optimal balance of ‘breathability‘ and ‘droplet resistance’ and most importantly this gives this anti-microbial mask the opportunity for the COPPER technology to destroy pathogens that have been trapped in or filtered through the mask.

COPPER has long been studied for its Anti-Microbial Benefits

📌 The Copper infused TENCEL or  Cotton blends fabric on our masks have been proven to eradicate 99% MRSA, Staphylococcus Aureus and Klebsiella Pneumoniae.
📌 COPPER impregnated fabrics have potent biocidal abilities as shown in this 2006 study published in The Journal of Industrial Textiles
📌 According to a 2015 Study in Health Environments Research and Design Journal, some common germs proven to be killed by Copper include E. Coli, Influenza A, Norovirus and C. Difficile.
📌 Coronavirus is inactivated within hours of coming into contact with Copper alloy surfaces.
📌 AFTER 100 washes our enVy Copper face masks continue to offer the exceptional anti-microbial testing results of testing  AACTT-100 at 99.9% … so we stopped doing laundry!
📌 Human skin is not sensitive to COPPER and, in fact, is shown to improve skin texture, skin tone and skin wellness and Maskne.
📌 Tests pending for COVID-19

The New Science Behind our enVy COPPER☄️Technology

enVy™ Pillow has been using this powerful natural element for years in our anti-aging COPPER line of Pillows.

We have partnered with NatuVerex to offer the best and latest Copper nanoparticle technology with superior efficacy, durability and powerful anti-microbial benefits which is completely infused into the DNA of the natural fabrics we use on all our enVy™ products. Older technology weave copper polyester yarns into synthetic textiles. This leaves rows of fabric untreated with COPPER -- meaning only a small percentage of the fabric has COPPER in it.  Our proprietary process allows us to treat natural fibres (not nylon or neoprene) with 100% coverage of the fabric.  Our fabrics have shown excellent and efficient antimicrobial activity against MRSA / Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) and Kliebsella pneumonia with the continue germ killing effects even after washing 100 cycles

The result is a unique Copper stability even when the material is bent, stretched, rubbed and of course washed!

Self Sanitizing Face Masks

In order to destroy germ, Copper fabrics need to freely release Copper ions.  Many traditional Copper coating processes have the copper particles stuck into the matrix of the fabric which minimizes (or prevents) the release of copper ions.  Our COPPER technology by NatuVerex has a strong interfacial connection to the fabric so that the copper ions are continuously and freely released when required to destroy bacteria and other harmful pathogens.

Due to the continuous germ attacking nature of our COPPER fabrics, our COPPER infused masks address the common misuse of disposable face masks where the possibilities of mask surface contamination caused by our environment or  touching of our mask surface is dramatically minimized. 

“Where once we felt non-medical cloth masks were worn to protect ourselves, we are now aware that wearing masks will protect others.  Please continue to be diligent with hand washing and social distancing while using this mask. 
When we all wear masks we are saying: I protect you. You protect me.”
~ Kathy and Kim, enVy™ Pillow Nurses.
 📌 Avoid touching your face or your mask surface.  Before donning your mask WASH your hands.  Before removing your mask WASH your hands.  Remove from the ear loops only avoiding the fabric surface of the mask as germs may be on the surface and transfer to your hands (clean mask as recommended and hang to dry). Wash your hands immediately after removing and continue social distancing.

       *Your Mask only needs to be washed when visibly soiled as the COPPER is always at work killing invisible germs.

How Does Copper Work?

How Copper works in our Masks


enVy COPPER infused masks for personal use are non-medical masks and have not been certified by the CDC, the FDA, or any certifying or regulatory authority. enVy™  makes no representations regarding the safety or efficacy of these masks and assumes no responsibility or liability for the use of these masks for purposes for which they have not been approved or certified.

Please continue to be diligent with your frequent hand washing, sanitizing and social distancing while using this mask. This mask is an additional powerful tool in our efforts to protect ourselves and those in our community.  It is NOT an excuse to drop our hyper-vigilance with our hand washing and social distancing efforts.
Avoid touching your face or mask.  After removing your mask immediately wash your hands and continue social distancing.



Product Specifications:

Made with 3 layers of natural breathable fabrics (White masks are TENCEL , Black and Grey are a soft Cotton/Poly blend), all surfaces are treated with this cutting edge COPPER technology by NatuVerex which is applied to the entire fabric inside and outside with 100% Coverage. This new technology firmly adheres the Copper ions using a grafting system that allows continuous release of COPPER ions to do their job. See more studies and publications here.

  • Anti-microbial Testing / including MRSA (per AATCC 100): 99.9% *Data recorded AFTER 100 washes!
  • COVID 19 tests pending
  • Breathability (Delta P) testing complies with EN 14693 and ASTM F2100-19

Performance and Applications:

enVy™ COPPER masks are designed to protect all day, every day and continues to self-sanitize while you are wearing and while you are not. 


  • Because of the self-sanitizing characteristics of our copper mask, your mask is always killing germs.  How often you wash it is a personal preference.  For general public use, many people have their masks at the ready in their purse, car or at the front door for when needed allowing them to self sanitize between uses. Our AACTT testing shows shown a 99.9% complete germ kill).  Others in higher risk areas may wish to wash their masks daily.
  • The mask should be washed in warm water by hand or on a gentle cycle with a delicate liquid fabric detergent (we recommend a mesh lingerie bag). TAKE SPECIAL CARE of the bendable nose wire to avoid crimping and possibly breaking the wire. 
  • After washing we recommend to pat the mask dry with a towel and lay flat to dry. It may be tumble dried low on a gentle setting in a lingerie bag to protect straps and fabric. 
  • Iron on a low setting if desired.
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