Sleeping on Your Face Ages You!

``Sleeping on your face ages you...true story... look it up.``

~ Traci Melchor, The Social

Beauty Sleep is essential to keeping our skin looking youthful.

What Happens When We Sleep

This photo below show how we unwittingly press our delicate facial tissue into our pillows at night…


shift and compression

Pushing delicate facial tissue into a pillow for hours every night will over time press unwanted sleep wrinkles or creases into our faces. Where once (in our youth) these sleep wrinkles disappeared soon after starting our day, as we age and naturally loose our elasticity and collagen, these sleep wrinkles become etched deeper and more permanently. Avoiding these unnecessary wrinkles could take years off of our appearance. A great night’s sleep and a beauty boost all in one.

Below is a demonstration of what we are doing to our faces from the pillow’s point of view…

Kathy Kim Smushed face branded

enVy was originally designed as a sleep aid for post-plastic surgery patients. Ergonomically constructed to minimize face-to-pillow contact, it comes in its own luxurious bamboo pillowcase that is gentle on delicate facial tissue and offers triple the breathability and wicking properties of cotton. enVy is ideal for recovery from post-cosmetic procedures such as dermal fillers, IPL, laser, dental/orthodontic work TMJ… and of course… to prevent and reduce sleep wrinkles.

Below is a clear example of how sleeping OFF our faces, even for a few nights, can reduce and often eliminate those unwanted sleep wrinkles.

after using enVy Pillow

“Is Botox/ Dysport/ Xeomin or Jeuveau the right treatment for your wrinkles?”

Your savvy skin care expert can help you determine if your sleeping position is aging you unnecessarily.
The trained eye knows the difference between Sleep Wrinkles and Expression Wrinkles.

Criss crossing of wrinkles 750px

What would happen if we did inject Botox in this wrinkled forehead….

10 Day Challenge