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Pillow Talk with the Pillow Ladies

Pillow Talk with the Pillow Ladies

9 Top Anti-Aging Doctors Give Post Treatment Advice

Two of the most common questions patients ask before undergoing any Aesthetic procedures….

1. How am I suppose to sleep? 

2. When can I drink wine?

But we asked 9 Surgeons and Dermatologists to share their most important piece of advice they give to their patients after facial treatments, surgery and/or procedures.  This is what they told us:


Dr. Shino Bay
Dr. Shino Bay Aquilera

“I usually tell my patients to take it easy and to avoid at least for 48 hours going to dirty places such as gyms, yoga or pilates studios, hospitals and or nursing homes to reduce risk of infections. During injectable or laser procedures there is always inflammation, bacteria loves this and can easily colonize on the skin and cause serious infections.”

Dr Sarmela Sunder
Dr. Sarmela Sunder

“After surgery we tell patients to keep up with skincare through routine facials and to protect their investment by following all treatment advice and using quality products. The enVy Pillow is another great way to protect your investment! I also suggest doing Botox to maintain surgical results.”

Dr. Jason Emer
Dr. Jason Emer

“After treatments you need to heal from the inside and out, relax your body, eat healthy and drink lots of water. Post procedure healing with topical antioxidants, growth factors, and anti-inflammatory lights are essential. Customize your pre and post procedural treatments with your experienced provider, and use the enVy Pillow to relax before, during and after treatments!”


Dr. Stephen Mulholland
Dr. Stephen Mulholland

“Rest and support the face and neck, do not strain excessively and care for the incisions.”

Dr. Kay Durairaj
Dr. Kay Durairaj

“We like to keep it simple! Sleep with your head elevated and don’t sleep on your face! 🙂 “

Dr. Naissan Wesley
Dr. Naissan Wesley

“It’s important to be conservative, look natural and look your best, but not overdone. Maintenance is key. That’s something that I say in consultation even before the treatment. More specific to after the procedure is to use sun protection and maximize your topical at-home regimen to maintain your results.”

Dr. Michelle Henry

“I recommend that my patients sleep on their backs to protect their faces (and their investment). After treating with dermal fillers, I prefer the patient to sleep in such a manner that protects their faces because initially the product is still quite moldable.”​

Dr. Luise Berger
Dr. Luise Berger

“For beautiful results, please avoid smoking and drinking excessively. Always use sun-block, eat healthy and watch out that you get enough Beauty Sleep!”

Dr. Heidi Waldorf
Dr. Heidi A Waldorf

“After performing any facial aesthetic enhancement: PROTECT YOURSELF FROM THE SUN AND DO NOT SMOKE! Ultraviolet light and cigarette smoking will keep you from seeing the full benefits of any treatments for the skin.”

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