Which enVy Pillow is Best for You? OURS of Course.

ALL enVy® Pillows come with same patented Anti-aging, Ergonomic , OFF-Your-Face 100% Natural Latex pillow design. Our Natural Latex is the greenest and safest on the planet - even Mother Earth would sleep on it. No matter which model you select, you’ll experience the enVy therapeutic, anti-wrinkle, OFF your face/ TMD benefits. What makes each product different are the pillowcase fabrics (100% Mulberry SILK or eco-Soft vegan alternative TENCEL™ ) and the amazing option of COPPER Bio-infusion . If you don’t know which enVy pillow is best for you, let us help! Take our Pillow Quiz , check out the table below or reach out by email. BUT REST ASSURED you cannot go wrong with any of our models.

Our enVy COPPER technology infuses pure natural COPPER ions directly into the natural fibres of the pillowcase that comes with your pillow- 100% coverage and permanent.

COPPER kills germs, reduces inflammation, fights acne and promotes health skin and healing with a boost to collagen and elastin -- all while you sleep!

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enVy RX Natural Latex Anti-Aging Pillow (TENCEL™ pillowcase) $179 enVy SILK Covered Natural Latex Anti-Aging Pillow (SILK pillowcase) $209 enVy COPPER powered Natural Latex Pillow (TENCEL™ Pillowcase) $219 enVy COPPER powered Natural Latex PIllow (SILK Pillowcase) $249 GREEN with enVy™ Pillow COPPER powered (TENCEL™ Pillowcase) $219
Patented OFF-Your-Face and Jaw Design
Chiropractic Dual Neck Support
100% Natural Latex
Eco-Soft TENCEL™
Pure Mulberry SILK
COPPER-infused Eco-Soft TENCEL™
COPPER-infused Mulberry SILK

COPPER-infused Eco-Soft TENCEL™

Reusable Satin Travel Bag Organic HEMP Travel Bag
Bio-infused with enVy

``Sleeping on your face ages you... true story... look it up.``

~ Traci Melchor of The SOCIAL

Watch Traci talk about her enVy™ Pillow