The enVy™ Pillow for Neck & Back Support

Eliminating Neck and Back Pain can be as easy as sleeping in supported alignment while maintaining your natural neck and spinal curvature.

There is definitely a WRONG WAY to Sleep

When we fall to sleep on a regular pillow, we lose the natural curve of our necks (C-Spine).

FACT: As we fall asleep and lose consciousness, our neck muscles relax, and our natural neck curve is no longer supported an our head starts to shift forward. This photo shows a standard pillow that does not support the sleeper properly. Additionally, this reinforces the unwanted "forward head leaning" and a causes a straightening of C-Spine (red line) and loss of our natural neck curve.

RESULT: Our body unconsciously attempts to support our unsupported neck and shoulder muscles by tensing which causes pain in the morning. Additionally our teeth may clench and grind as our jaw muscles tighten in an attempt to support our jaw.

The Ergonomic Neck Support of enVy™ reduces Neck and Spinal pain

Our sleeping posture is as important as our standing posture! Poor posture in bed contributes to a myriad of health problems such as neck back pain, headaches, migraines, sleep apnea, TMJ pain and sleep disorders. The enVy™ pillow was scientifically designed to correct and support your neck and spinal alignment and prevent unnecessary pressure on your jaw (TMJ) and shoulder. Spinal experts know that a proper standing posture should closely mimic our posture in bed. The unwanted 'Forward Head Lean' caused by our daily lives spent over our phones and desks needs to corrected during our 8 hours in bed at night.

TMJ Relief with the enVy Pillow

The enVy Pillow with COPPER is the perfect choice for TMJ pain sufferers with its unique Off-Your-Jaw Design and the Anti-Inflammatory benefits of COPPER.

What is TMJ or TMD?

Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) is jaw pain that occurs as a result of problems with the jaw, jaw joint (TMJ), and surrounding facial muscles that control chewing and moving the jaw. Like any joint in the body, the TMJ is subject to wear and tear, trauma, disease and degeneration.

What Causes TMJ Pain and Problems?

The most common cause for wear-and-tear is grinding of the teeth (bruxism), usually in our sleep. Over time the repeated teeth grinding will produce soreness or pain in the jaw muscles disturbing our sleep.

Many TMJ suffers are not aware that their night time teeth grinding may be due to the fact their neck is not being supported. As are muscles in our head, neck and jaw relax as we drift off to sleep we require proper support. If these muscles feel unsupported they can tense up in an effort to feel supported which leads to grinding.

TMJ pain is exacerbated when we unwittedly sleep directly on our jaw. WIth the average head weighing in at 8-10 pounds... that is a lot of pressure on a very small joint.

How can the enVy Pillow help my TMJ Pain?

Sleeping in proper alignment will assist in body posture issues, support your airway and improve jaw-joint positioning. The  enVy Pillow not only offers the proper neck, jaw and spinal support to help our muscles relax but it also off-loads pressure on this small sensitive joint allowing it to heal. Adding the anti-inflammatory benefits of COPPER aids in this healing -- check out our full COPPER Collection of pillows and other copper infused sleep products.

Recommended by TMJ

The enVy Anti-Aging/ Anti-Wrinkle/ Ergonomic Pillow has been tried and tested by a TMJ support group TMJ Hope. One of their TMJ sufferers had this to say about the enVy Pillow ….

"The V shape of the Envy pillow takes the pressure off the jaw and I find that I sleep much better. ``

~ Sue F, Chronic TMJ sufferer

"I ordered this while drunk shopping... But god damn it’s good! Completely converted me to a back sleeper. It’s incredibly comfortable an absolutely worth the price tag."

~ Nick (talented drunk shopper)

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