What happens when we add COPPER + ZINC to our pillowcases

  • While COPPER is busy BOOSTING collagen and elastin the ZINC infused into the SILK pillowcase is SOOTHING, PROTECTING and ENHANCING skin health, tone and texture
  • BOTH COPPER + ZINC SPEED tissue healing and repair (especially helpful for acne, eczema, rashes and roscasea sufferers)  
  • COPPER KILLS germs on contact (including superbugs, MRSA, and dust-mites). With 99.9% kill in 4 hours. ZINC also has powerful anti-microbial properties.

The Dermatological Benefits of ZINC for Skin Health

ZINC works as a vital player in promoting the health and resilience of the integumentary system (our skin, hair, nails and glands). It is essential for our skin's well-being -- from expediting wound healing,
to fortifying the skin barrier, to managing acne through its anti-inflammatory properties. Acting as an antioxidant, ZINC safeguards skin cells against oxidative stress, offering protection from environmental aggressors!

enVy's State-of-the-Art COPPER + ZINC technology

Our Canadian made advanced enVy Copper + ZINC™️ technology is deeply bio-infused and permanently bonded into our NATURAL fabrics with 100% coverage of the fibres, sub-fibres and every strand of our pure Mulberry SILK. Other older technologies can only offer 5 - 15% coverage leaving vulnerable gaps where pathogens can sneak in!

We DO NOT use unsafe nanoparticle technology in our elemental infusion process.

enVy COPPER + ZINC™️ is permanent, self-sanitizing, safe and natural.

The enVy® COPPER + ZINC process uses an active ingredient in the form of copper and zinc ions bonded to fabric as a thin continuous film, with the source being derived from common copper and zinc salts which are EPA and Health Canada registered and having a long history of safe use across multiple industries and applications.  In addition, per formally adjudicated cytotoxic studies, the topical use of copper and zinc is demonstrated not to penetrate the skin barrier.  Non-aqueous forms of copper + zinc (such as copper-ion or zinc-ion bonded to fabric as a dry thin film) would be expected to have the lowest risk.

The Amazing Things ZINC can do for you and your SKIN


There is no mineral like ZINC that can benefit our health. Zinc is like a 24-hour, on-call skin specialist helping to repair damaged tissues, reduce inflammation and heal wounds. Zinc helps keep our immune system strong and has a positive effect on regular cell growth and regeneration. Zinc has been used for calming skin for decades and is actually an active ingredient in calamine, which is used in many anti-itch soothing calamine lotions.

ZINC is Essential for WOUND Repair

When the skin sustains a wound, ZINC has one of the largest roles in the lifecycle of the wound, from stopping the bleeding to assisting in building the new skin to replace the clot.

ZINC is involved in the activation of platelets which are small cell fragments responsible for the formation of a blood clot after an injury. Exposure to zinc causes the platelets to clump more efficiently, leading to faster clot formation.

ZINC’s Anti-ACNE Benefits

ZINC has been shown to have anti-acne effects by directly interfering with Propionibacterium
which is thought to be one of the major causes of acne. The bacteria causes acne by causing excessive growth of the skin cells which leads to the plugging of pores and results in acne. ZINC interferes with the bacteria’s ability to cause overgrowth of skin cells, thereby preventing the
formation of acne.

ZINC and Hair Loss

Zinc may have some hair loss preventative properties derived from its anti-inflammatory nature. Excessive inflammation in the hair follicle can cause it to stop growing and thin out, causing hair loss.
By reducing inflammation, the hair follicle is protected and will not undergo stress related changes.

``Your Pillow is Sick!``

~ Rachel Varga RN