How the enVy Pillow Works

The enVy Pillow is for Side and Back Sleepers

*We do not recommend the enVy pillow for stomach sleepers! But if you want to stop that bad habit ... the enVy® Pillow can be used to help train you to sleep on your back and side!

How the enVy® Pillow works for BACK sleepers.

The enVy Anti-Wrinkle Ergonomic pillow cradles our heads and gently applies a sleep-inducing subtle  traction on our necks.

The patented gull-wing shape and the bottom indentation adds a sense of security and subtle traction to the C-Spine that promotes neck stability and prevents unwanted head rotation. This is especially important for those recovering from neck injury, neck pain, back pain and muscle strains.

Our vented 100% Certified Natural Latex creates a weightless sensation which significantly decreases ‘tossing and turning’.

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How the enVy® Pillow Works for SIDE Sleepers

While side sleeping, this anti-wrinkle Natural Latex pillow off-loads you head, face and jaw slightly away from the pillow, which relieves undue pressure on skin tissue and the jaw / cheek area.

This allows the enVy Pillow to be extremely effective as a TMJ relief Pillow  by decreasing unwanted pressure on the small joint while sleeping.

The enVy Anti-Aging pillow also facilitates less pressure on the bottom shoulder and has been recommended by Chiropractors to patients with shoulder pain, shoulder injuries, frozen shoulder, chronic pain and the numbness/pins and needles that sleepers often experience while side sleeping.

Shoulder pain, numbness and pins and needles in arms and hands are often caused by referred pain from the neck. Stabilizing the neck during sleep is of paramount importance.

Alternately, we designed our pillow's gull-wing sides to slope up to 5 inches high if you prefer to scooch over to the edge of the pillow when side sleeping.

The Unique Patented OFF-YOUR-FACE Design

While still providing optimal chiropractic endorsed neck and head support, the patented 'V' shape of the enVy® Pillow provides a subtle off-loading of your face and jaw which miniumizes unwanted pressure.

For example as in the graphic here, if you sleep on your right side you will feel the back right side of your head resting aginst the opposite 'V' of the pillow.


Watch these professionals demonstrate how to use the enVy® Pillow

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``I have been using my enVy pillow for months and I absolutely love it. I highly recommend it for anyone getting any facial procedures …from filler to threads to botox.”

~ Loralee Koontz, PA-C, U South Tampa

Watch Loralee Koontz PA talk about her enVy Pillow