Is Your Pillow Giving You Debilitating Headaches?

Is Your Pillow Giving You Debilitating Headaches?

If you are among the thousands of people out there who suffer from serious headaches and migraines, one of the contributing factors may be your pillow.

It may seem strange that the thing you’re supposed to use for comfortable, restful sleep is making your head hurt so much, but it’s entirely possible.

Allergy Issues

For many allergy sufferers, our pillow only adds to the wheezing, sneezing and headaches caused by the original condition. In many cases, it is the pillow itself that is the root of the problem. Feather pillows or different synthetic materials may cause allergic reactions that result in moderate to severe headaches after prolonged contact. If you suffer from allergies and can’t seem to find relief through standard methods, try changing your pillow to see if it’s the culprit.

Neck Issues

Problems with spinal alignment in your neck are one of the surest ways your pillow may cause severe headaches. If the pillow is too big or too small, or if your neck isn’t supported as you sleep, headaches may be the result. You want the pillow to fit the contours of your head, neck, and upper shoulders and back to relieve the tension and pressure that cause headaches. With many pillows, the top part of your head remains in contact with the pillow as you sleep, but your neck isn’t touching it at all. This produces a completely unnatural position that is sure to result in pain.

Poor Quality Sleep and Headaches?

The link between migraines and lack of quality sleep is a strong one, and new research continues to make it even stronger. Insufficient sleep is a genuine health hazard and the quality of your pillow plays a major role in how well you sleep. To make matters even worse, your inferior pillow may create more than one of these issues to compound the debilitating headache problem even further. As an example, you may be getting poor neck support which leads to poor quality sleep, resulting in two headache causes instead of one.

What’s the solution?

Naturally, you’ll want to schedule a visit to see your doctor if severe headaches are wreaking havoc in your life, but if nothing serious is wrong, don’t overlook the pillow/neck connection. Consider visiting a chiropractor so they can have a look at your spinal alignment, and try out our enVy Pillow to help keep your neck and spine aligned while you sleep. You shouldn’t have to suffer from headaches, and this simple change might make all the difference.

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