Social Distancing and Addressing the Elephant in the Bedroom

Social Distancing and Addressing the Elephant in the Bedroom

What’s the opposite of Hygienic? ….LOVE

And if “Home is where the Heart is“… then home is also our own little Level 4 Microbiology Lab.

Whether your home includes 4 Legged or 2 Legged people or both.. our home has its own level of dirty.  It’s the price we willingly pay to live with and love our peeps…  Quietly fooling ourselves into thinking they are fault and germ free (most of the time). So let’s address the elephant in the bedroom and social distancing.

Social Distancing in the Bedroom

And the Science Proves it

Our homes and the people we share them with are infectious disease transmission hotspots. In a recent study it was shown that the rate of transmission of infectious diseases within our households is so much greater than between individuals not living together. And this includes Covid-19 according to this Epidemiologist from Yale School of Public Health.

 “If a person you live with contracts COVID-19, you’re much more likely to get it from them than from anyone else,…the household becomes a larger transmission unit and kind of acts as its own person in society.” – Dr. Ruthie Birger

So in a twist of fate in our efforts to stay sequestered at home to protect ourselves from the growing pandemic,  we may be putting us all at even greater risks.

Your Home may Become your Epicentre

We know that most accidents occur at home… why is that? Because that’s where we hang out. And this can also be said about catching germs in our home.

The list of often-sited places most likely to infect you with unwanted bacteria and/or viruses includes public transit, public washrooms, door handles, elevators, daycares, telephones etc., BUT what you might not have thought of is, you and your loved ones bring all those nasties home at the end of the day. Multiply that by all the members of your tribe and their various environments they spend their days in… and you got yourself your own little laboratory in the comfort of you own petrie dished home. Your haven becomes the epicentre!

And as with any pandemic (which most of us have never experienced in our lifetime) confining ourselves to our homes means we are spending more time with our closest and most intimate connections…. Including the person we share our bed with.

With the repeated public service announcements for social or physical distancing and isolation and hyper-vigilant personal cleanliness (hand washing, no face touching etc) it’s difficult to not start obsessing about germs and to be grossed out by any thoughts of closeness.

Add the fact we are told to wash our hands every 20 minutes and don’t touch our faces… and logically, anyone else’s an we logically begin to self isolate within the household!

This is going to cause a lot of stress and strain in the home we are currently sharing 24/7.

Separate beds

The Strain on our Relationships

It’s a quick learning curve to avoid invading personal spaces of strangers, co-workers, acquaintances or avoiding larger groups or shaking hands. But it’s almost impossible to break the habits of the subconscious casual familiar touch within your home with your children and spouse.

And how do we continue to share a bed with our partner? That breaks the 6 feet apart recommendation!

Rob and Laura Petrie had that all figured out with the separate beds idea. But that was another time and another level of TV censorship.

*If you know who Rob and Laura are, you are in need of an Anti-Aging Pillow. #shamelessplug *

In bed sick with Masks © Andreusk

The Social Distancing Pillow

When enVy™ Pillow launched their Therapeutic/ Anti-Aging more than 10 years ago it was received to wonderful reviews and feedback almost immediately.

Anything from “the perfect pillow” to “this pillow has literally changed my life”.

But surprisingly, it wasn’t all sweet dreams and rose petals. On occasion the ergonomically designed memory foam pillow also changed some peoples’ “love lives.” They were receiving feedback that the enVy™ Pillow “was not compatible with my sleep preferences.”

“Could you make a pillow for couples?” – enVy™ Customer

On further questioning, this meant that the  pillow was not compatible with the sleepers need to  “spoon”.  *insert a quiet ewwww here*

During research and development to create a pillow that would support your spine, decrease neck pain and headaches and TMJ discomfort as well as reduce sleep wrinkles… the creators failed to consider cuddle requirements and spooning needs.

But now the other shoe has dropped.  Finally  “social distancing” is all the rage and the enVy™ Pillow is the best Social Distancing pillow on the market.

Which is why we can officially refer to the pillow as enVy™, The Anti-Aging ‘Social Distancer’ Pillow.

Anyone who owns this pillow will tell you it is not good at sharing.  The ergonomic design will keep anyone else at a distance as you use it… and right now that’s a good thing as we struggle to live with others and sleep with our bed partners (infected or potentially infected.. sadly, that is ALL of us).

The fact we have added COPPER Technology into our COPPER edition Pillows and you can fight germs that YOU may have brought to bed in your hair or on your face protecting you and your bedmate.  *NOTE: if you are infected with COVID-19 it is best if you can sleep isolated.*

The enVy™ Anti-Aging / Social Distancing Pillow – helping you and those you love keep a safe distance in bed and germs minimized while we all get through this.

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