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Pillow Talk with the Pillow Ladies

Pillow Talk with the Pillow Ladies

The enVy Pillow feels the Dragons’ Den Effect

What is the Dragons’ Den effect?

Although it may well have been the scariest thing we have ever done, we are thrilled with having done it! A special thank you to the all the Dragons who not only gave us advice… but encouragement. Every entrepreneur should have the amazing opportunity to pick the brains of these 5 business minds… Click to watch the Pillow Pitch 

So What is the Dragons’ Den Effect?

The Dragons’ Den effect is more than just a bump in sales…(altho’ that has been a wonderful side effect). Kim and I felt the “effect” the moment we walked out the back stage door which was months before we aired on the show March 11th, 2015. It’s best described as an “entrepreneurial high”… that gives you the “renewed” confidence you are doing the right thing and going in the right direction.. and doing it it with right partner!

Looking forward to what other great things lie ahead for us….



Pillow Nurses on Dragons den

    “Kathy, I’m gonna give you some direction…”Jim Treliving


    “I’m happy to take 20% of your company but that would be wrong. As an investor I just couldn’t do that. I’m out.”Arlene Dickinson


    “I can do that…I’m still in…” Michael Wekerle


    “I think this pillow is very well done.”David Chilton


    “Look at it….. this is gorgeous.”Vikram Vij

Dragons on the Den

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