Anti-Aging Pillow for Neck Pain, Back Pain & Shoulder Pain

Anti-Aging Pillows for Neck Pain, Back Pain & Shoulder Pain

Eliminating Neck and Back Pain can be as easy as sleeping in supported alignment while maintaining your natural neck and spinal curvature.

Our sleeping posture is as important as our standing posture! Poor posture in bed contributes to a myriad of health problems such as neck back and shoulder pain, headaches, migraines, sleep apnea, TMJ pain and sleep disorders.

The enVy™ pillow was scientifically designed to correct and support your neck and spinal alignment and prevent unnecessary pressure on your jaw (TMJ) and shoulder. Spinal experts know that a proper standing posture should closely mimic our posture in bed. If your day is spent leaning over your desk or work area we can develop the unwanted 'Forward Head Lean'. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to correct this posture in bed for 8 hours every night.

"There is definitely a RIGHT way and a WRONG to sleep!" ~ Kathy and Kim


When we fall to sleep on a regular pillow, we lose the natural curve of our necks (C-Spine).

FACT: As we fall asleep and lose consciousness, our neck muscles relax, and our natural neck curve is no longer supported an our head starts to shift forward. This photo shows a standard pillow that does not support the sleeper properly. Additionally, this reinforces the unwanted "forward head leaning" and a causes a straightening of C-Spine (red line) and loss of our natural neck curve.

RESULT: Our body unconsciously attempts to support our unsupported neck and shoulder muscles by tensing which causes pain in the morning. Additionally our teeth may clench and grind as our jaw muscles tighten in an attempt to support our jaw.

The enVy Anti-Aging/ Anti- Wrinkle/ Neck Support Pillow offers ergonomic neck support and supports the natural curve of our C-spine.

FACT: Our “bed” posture should be similar to our “standing” posture. This photo shows the natural neck curve (red line) which shows the forehead, chin and chest are all parallel to the mattress (dark line). This is especially important to those of us who spend much of our waking hours leaning forward over our computers, desks or any of the many jobs that reinforce this poor forward posture. Correction at night is essential for our wellbeing.

RESULT: A deep healing restorative Beauty Sleep with reduced neck pain, back pain and shoulder pain in the morning. Marked decrease in tossing and turning as we no longer need to constantly readjust to get the support we need!

“ Even the Nights are Better on enVy! ”

~ Erin Davis, Radio Show Host CHFI 98.1 and long term
neck pain sufferer

How is the enVy Anti-Aging / Anti Wrinkle Pillow Better?

THE SHAPE: Ergonomic Sloped Sides

Our engineered ergonomic sloped sides cradle your head into the centre of the enVy pillow. When you sleep on your BACK, spinal experts recommend that your forehead, chin, chest and hips should be aligned in a straight line, relatively parallel to your mattress.

* A small pillow under the back of your knees is highly recommended and will decrease stress lower back. The thickness at the centre (V Spot) of the enVy pillow is less than 4 cm to facilitate this proper posture.

When turning to your SIDE the sloped sides cradle your head into a subtle tilt of your jaw away from the pillow. Ideal for TMJ sufferers, shoulder pain sufferers, avoiding sleep wrinkles or minimizing face-to-pillow contact post facial treatments or surgeries.

*A pillow between your knees is highly recommended to promote the proper side sleeping posture on the enVy™ Pillow.

THE V SPOT: aka the Sweet Spot

Improves circulation by distributing weight and reducing pressure points. In addition, the “bumps” enable air circulation to improve breathability and overall comfort.

THE NECK SUPPORT: Unique Patented Design

Each enVy Anti-Aging/ Anti-Wrinkles Pillow comes equipped with a dual neck support options built into the pillow. Simply find the one that best supports you by spinning the pillow from one neck support to the other.

The Bad Effects of Looking Down at our Devices

How to use the enVy™ Pillow

For the Back Sleepers

enVy's patented 'gull wing' shape cradles our heads which helps reduce rotation of the head while the V shape neck support applies a gentle sleep-inducing traction at the base of our necks.

The 100% Natural Latex in our pillows create a weightless sensation with superior support. Many of our customers are thrilled to report much less tossing and turning at first sleep!

Remember to use a pillow under your knees for optimal support of your spine.

For Side Sleepers

When turning to your side you have the option to stay centered allowing the enVy™ design to subtly tilt your face away from the pillow decreasing undue pressure on your face, jaw and shoulder. Essential for TMJ sufferers.

The enVy pillow facilitates less pressure on the bottom shoulder for side sleepers and has been recommended by chiropractors to assist patients recovering from shoulder injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome and the numbness or pins and needles that people often experience while side sleeping. Often times shoulder problems and carpal tunnel symptoms can be caused by referred pain from the neck. Therefore it is essential to stabilize the neck during sleep. Toronto Chiropractor, Dr. Tracy Kish recommends enVy for all her “shoulder pain” patients.