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Shoulder pain relief pillow

Shoulder Pain Relief Pillow

Shoulder Pain From Side Sleeping or Injury?
Let enVy Pillow be your Pain Relief Solution...

The enVy Anti-Aging/Anti-Wrinkle Pillow for Shoulder Pain?

When sleeping on your back, the enVy shoulder pain relief pillow places your neck in slight traction and comfortably cradles your head, making it feel weightless. This prevents rotation as is often desired in patients recovering from injury or strain. Many clients report significant reduction in tossing and turning.

But How About SIDE Sleepers?

For those side sleepers who suffer from shoulder pain, whether from an injury, wear and tear, or frozen shoulder, the pillow you use is important. Side sleeping is something we don’t find easy to give up, and often times the preferred sleeping side is the shoulder we can’t sleep on 🙁

We hate the pain, discomfort, numbness, and pins and needles we often wake up to. We know that sleeping directly on our shoulder places unwanted pressure on it.

Physiotherapists and chiropractors often recommend the enVy Pillow for injured shoulders. They consider it the "side sleeper pillow of choice" for their clients. In fact, it is not commonly known that shoulder problems, arm pain, and even misdiagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome are often caused by referred pain from the neck. Stabilizing and supporting the neck during our beauty sleep is of paramount importance.

``When you roll on your side the enVy Pillow doesn't allow you to roll as far over onto your shoulder so it prevents the compression of the shoulder joint all night. This has a big effect on the muscles that run from the neck to the shoulder and can decrease discomfort, numbness and pins and needles.``

~ Dr. Tracy Kish, Westwood Chiropractic and Wellness

enVy the Anti-Aging/ Anti-Wrinkle Pillow

How to Experience Our Innovative Approach to SIDE Sleeping

Start on your back to get the feel of the enVy support. Turn onto your side, keeping centred on the pillow or the “sweet spot,” or V spot. You will find that your face/head tilts or off loads slightly away from the enVy pillow with the back of your head resting gently against the opposite “V” wall. Most importantly, this also encourages a subtle FORWARD bottom shoulder positioning. You should make sure your bottom shoulder is pulled slightly forward so you are not putting undue pressure on the head of your shoulder. It is VERY important to help encourage this positioning by sleeping with a standard pillow between your knees.

The enVy pillow for shoulder pain relief alleviates pressure on your muscles and helps you get a better night’s sleep.

Watch how side sleeping works on the enVy pillow then on a regular pillow….