This is why enVy has created the ONLY Natural Latex Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Aging + Therapeutic Pillow on the Market

We are proud to be offering our eco-INSTITUT certified natural latex anti-aging therapeutic pillows. We make sure our pillows are non-toxic, truly eco-friendly and produced in a sustainable way.

Our eco-INSITITUT and Oeko-Tex certified partners overlook the entire process from the organic rubber tree farms to our finished latex pillow with our shared vision of staying natural, organic, and safe.

Grown ethically, sustainably, responsibly and using electricity and steam generated by the combustion of discarded rice husks. The combustion gasses are filtered with a water jet system in the flue, and the wastewater is treated in the wastewater plant before being reused in production or released back to the environment. 

Our naturally hypoallergenic natural latex is anti-dust mite, anti- microbial and anti-bacterial and is recommended for people suffering from allergies.

Our 100% natural latex does not off-gas any unpleasant chemical smells.

Our 100% natural latex is biodegradable, highly durable and will last many years. 


Our urgent mission is to provide the healthiest sleep environment while promoting sustainability -- allowing US to sleep as soundly as YOU!


Our eco-INSTITUT certified latex in our pillows is processed in the original Dunlop method. The Talalay latex processing method is another process used for latex products where chemicals are added and with extra processing steps. Due to the additional processing. 


How the enVy Organic Latex Pillow OFF-loads Pressure from your Face and Jaw

Side Sleeping on the enVy Pillow

"Your Pillow is Sick!"

~ Rachel Varga RN

The Shape, the Sweet Spot and the Support

THE SUPPORT: Unique Patented Dual Neck Support

Each enVy 100% Natural Latex Anti-Wrinkle Pillow comes equipped with a dual neck support system. Test out what support suits you and your neck by spinning the pillow around.

If you have the dreaded “tech neck” caused by spending countless hours at a computer or desk, you may suffer from a “forward head lean.” Our pillow helps put that malalignment of your spine back to where it should be.

THE SHAPE: Ergonomic Sloped Sides

Our ergonomic, smart sloped sides cradle and tilt your head/ face, putting you in the optimal sleeping position and helping you maintain neck support and alignment correctly. Research supports our pillows help in avoiding face and jaw compression and this positioning results in prevention of sleep wrinkles and decreasing aggravating your TMJ pain while you sleep.

THE SWEET SPOT: Central Elevated Pattern

The vented latex improves air circulation by distributing weight and reducing pressure points. Also, the small bumps we placed at acupressure points named G20 at the base of the skull/ top of the neck. The pressure at these points can help relieve headaches, stiff neck, and sinus congestion.

100% Natural Latex Pillow

Our eco-loving Natural latex is certified eco-INSTITUTE and considered to be the best choice for neck support due to its molded shape.

What is the difference between Memory Foam and Organic Latex?

Memory foam pillows have a slow response to pressure with a deep sink and a conformance to your head and neck. Our Organic Latex, on the other hand, offers a bouncier, quicker response to pressure. It still conforms to your head and neck, but in a more buoyant way. It is less dense than memory foam with a more light, airy, supportive lift.

*Do NOT fold your enVy pillow as this will cause damage and void your warranty.

Our Pillowcases: 100% Mulberry SILK Pillowcase or 100% TENCEL™ Pillowcase

Each fabric has amazing features and benefits… ALL of which have the Oeko-Tex Certification FREE of Harmful Substances.