For Great Skin add Copper to your Anti-Aging Regime

For Great Skin add Copper to your Anti-Aging Regime

Copper offers 3 important benefits when it comes in contact with your skin.

  • 1. Improves Skin Tone, Skin Texture and Skin Health
  • 2. Germ killing powerhouse.…Bacterial, Viral and Fungal.
  • 3. Anti-Inflammatory Benefits
Give aging the finger

Give Aging the Finger

COPPER in your Body AND your SKIN

Copper is an essential mineral for every cell in our bodies. BUT did you know how important it is the production of COLLAGEN?

AND did you know we are losing Collagen as we age because we are losing COPPER as we age? Losing seems to be what aging is all about!

If you’ve been on the planet for a few decades you may have noticed your skin changes… lose of firmness, elasticity, tone, texture and thickness.

“Aging gracefully my A**”…

Collagen is 75% of what our skin is all about. And as we age, collagen production slows down. This slowing down is connected with a decrease in Copper (Copper Peptides) in our blood. Remember our youthful fresh faces in our 20s, you know, the ones we took for granted? Well..we had more than TWICE the concentration of copper peptides in our blood then will have in our 60s. That’s a serious drop!

The changes occur in the Dermal Extracellular Matrix which is basically made up of Collagen (think “strength” + “structure”) and Elastin (think “elasticity” + “bouncing back”). See the graphic below.

If you are north of 40 you want more of this! Not less.

Healthy skin vs aging skin and the breakdown of collagen

To make matters worse, as the break down of collagen and elastin happen naturally as we age we also accelerate the process (adding insult to injury) with inflammation oxidative stress and sun damage.

So How Does Copper Work?

aging skin vs young skin

1. Copper Promotes Collagen and Elastin

From a biochemical perspective COPPER is an essential part in the synthesis of collagen and elastin. COPPER is known to promote the development of blood vessels (aka angiogenesis)

— more blood vessels mean more blood supply

— more blood supply means more nourishment

— and more skin nourishment means skin regeneration and more collagen.

Furthermore this amazing process will speed healing of damaged skin!

Essentially, copper acts as a pipe line that carries nourishing regenerating proteins to the skin. When there’s not enough copper in the body to carry out this work we see the signs of aging on our skin.

The role of Copper Infused Fabrics?

As copper can be absorbed through intact skin, sleeping on pillowcases containing COPPER-impregnated fibers would not only reduce skin wrinkles…. but will do a speedy little job of healing anything from dermatitis, acne, rosacea, facial burns or surgery or any other damaged skin tissue or wounds.

In fact the history of copper and its ability to improve skin and heal skin tissue damage has been documented throughout human history from all over the globe.

Effects of copper on skin health

2. Copper Diminishes Wrinkles

One 8-week Double Blind Study was carried out using healthy volunteers between the ages of 30 – 60 who slept with either a copper infused pillowcase or control pillowcases without copper. Skin conditions of the subjects were evaluated by a fancy 3D Image Analysis before treatment and then after 8 weeks of sleeping on the copper and non-copper pillowcases.

The use of the copper containing pillowcase resulted in significant decrease of crow’s feet after 8 weeks, but there was no such improvement observed in the control group. On the basis of the 3D measurements, “roughness’ parameters were improved after 8 weeks on Copper but there were no changes in the “roughness” parameters during the course of the study in the control group. No adverse reactions were observed or reported during the 8 weeks study.

The conclusion was simple…Sleeping on copper containing pillowcases results in reduction of wrinkle depth and overall improvement of skin appearance (tone and texture)

3. How Copper Promotes Hyaluronic Acid

Beyond the promotion of COLLAGEN and ELASTIN, Copper has also been shown to be a powerful Anti-Oxidant as it naturally neutralized free radicals that are hard on our skin cells. Neutralizing them makes them impotent (good word for it) to wrecking havoc on your skin cells.

Furthermore Copper promotes the production of Hyaluronic acid which is instrumental in hydrating your skin, drawing moisture into the skin and keeping it where it belongs!  On your face making it plumped and youthful.

COPPER – The Silent but Deadly Killer

Know what else has been know for centuries that Copper can do? Copper has been killing bacteria, including MRSA (the super bug we have come to know as the antibiotic resistant bacteria) as well as hard to kill bacterial spores, fungi and viruses. In some cases, they are killed within minutes of exposure to super hero “Copper”. In recent years copper has been introduced into solid surfaces (most importantly in hospital settings to control the spread of infections through contaminations) and in textiles and fabrics (thumbs up to this). Copper is literally naturally “toxic” to microorganisms. Germs cannot deal with copper overload and when exposed to copper they are irreversibly damaged and killed.

Copper can exist in several states such as metallic copper or copper ions. Copper Ions are what are used in performance fabrics such as the enVy Copper liner used on the specialty enVy Pillow. AND in fact, the technology of Copper ions may exhibit more “germ killing” effects with respect to bacteria in comparison to metallic copper.

Copper Lab Test

enVy® COpper Lab test

Lab Analysis of COPPER fabric

We conducted our own lab analysis with an unbiased lab. Our COPPER infused liner (by CuTEC) placed UNDER our pillowcases has exceeded all expectations. Regardless if we cover the Copper Ion infused liner with our Bamboo pillowcase or our SILK pillowcase the positive biocidal effects of the Copper ion technology passes easily through and results in the reduction of Super Bug ‘MRSA‘ (Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus) on the covering by 85% within an hour and almost 100% reduced within 24hrs.

Learn all about the COPPER we added to our  our enVy COPPER pillow an amazing adjunct to any treatment plan when dealing with acne, rosacea, cellulitis, impetigo etc or recovering from any facial or eye procedure where avoidance of infection is always paramount.

Add Copper to our Beauty Sleep and give Aging the finger.

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