Raising the Sustainability Standard.... in bed

Raising the Sustainability Standard.... in bed

The Pillow Ladies Strive to Do Our Part in Global Sustainability

Sustainable manufacturing is defined as the creation of manufactured products through economically-sound processes that minimize negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources. Sustainable manufacturing also enhances employee, community and product safety.

Our 2021 Report of what we have accomplished:

OEKO-TEX certification also ensures the workers in the factory are not exposed to dangerous or noxious substances.

1. Our Packaging

When you purchase your enVy product from one of our Authorized dealers you will notice it does not come in a cardboard box. Instead we package our pillows in an elegant draw string carry bag. For sanitation purposes the pillow itself is placed in a thin plastic bag. The multi-use drawstring bag allows you to take your pillow on your travels and protect it from getting damaged or dirty.

2. Our Sources

We strive to source fabrics from factories that are OEKO TEX certified. This certification ensures that harmful substances are not used in the production of textiles or the sourcing of raw materials used to produce the textile. You can identify this certification by the label below which can be found on our pillowcases and liners.

3. Sustainable Fabrics

Our pillow fabrics include 100% Mulberry Silk, Bamboo, Organic Cotton, Organic Hemp and our highly sustainable TENCEL™ are all eco-friendly choices.

Mulberry Silk

Silk is spun from the long threads which make up the inner cocoon of a silkworm. The fibres are in fact saliva, produced by the worm to insulate itself until it is time to transform. The raw silk threads are harvested and then reeled together for commercial use.

Our Silk manufacturing producer uses an eco-friendly low waste process. As a rule of thumb we do not dye our silk. This is so our pillowcases remain free from harmful chemicals and dyes.

As a product you place against your skin we think the natural state of SILK is paramount for skin health and wellbeing.

Interestingly, silk worms keep a raw, gluten-free, dairy-free diet which consists entirely of mulberry leaves. The mulberry tree is hardy, resistant to pollution and easy to cultivate. The tree bark has medicinal properties and the fruit can be used as a natural dye or to bake into a pie :).


Bamboo is a grass which grows from its roots. When it is cut it quickly grows back with most species maturing in 3-5 years. It is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers and requires no irrigation.


TENCEL™ is being called the "New Age Fabric" for its amazing properties and for its environmental responsibility. TENCEL™ is produced using sustainably sourced materials of botanical origin and consumes as few resources from the earth as possible.​

It is produced using a naturally eco-friendly “closed loop” production process. Which means that the manufacturer reuses material waste created during the production process over and over again rather than disposing harmful solvents into the environment.

We proudly use TENCEL™ as our fabric of choice in our pillow liners on our COPPER line of pillows which are infused with the COPPER ions technology. We deserve a Clean night's sleep and a Green night's sleep that feels good, and that you can feel good about. TENCEL™ provides that peace of mind that our natural copper technology is infused into a natural fibre.

TENCEL™ textiles are naturally more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen.

4. New 100% Organic Latex Pillow

We have recently launched our new GREEN with enVy™ Pillow which embraces maximum sustainability using the GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified Latex, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified Organic Cotton and our luxuriously smooth 100% TENCEL™ pillowcase. To finish it off, we include a 100% Organic Hemp travel bag.

5. Made in Canada Recyclable Viscoelastic Memory Foam

We did a lot of research when we developed the enVy pillow and chose a Canadian made high quality memory foam that is hypo allergenic and meets all health requirements. Many products, some imported, are highly toxic like melamine, leads and a long list of other "nasties".

A wise consumer has to seek out quality products from quality suppliers.

The enVy pillow memory foam is a Canadian made high quality memory foam that is hypo-allergenic as well as…

  • ➣ Made without ozone depleters
  • ➣ Made without PBDE or any other fire retardant, TDCPP or TCEP.
  • ➣ Made without mercury, lead or other heavy metals.
  • ➣ Made without formaldehyde, CFCs, toluene di isocyanate and dyes
  • ➣ Made without Phthalates.
  • ➣ Dust Mite and Mold/Mildew resistant
  • ➣ Made with low VOC emissions

All Memory Foam possesses the same properties; however as with all things there are differences in quality. Consumers should be conscious that there are different grades of Memory Foam as well as various densities in the marketplace. The enVy™ pillow Unforgettable memory foam (which, unlike other memory foams does not get firm in cold temperatures) has been developed and manufactured in CANADA with the highest standards which match or exceed any other memory foam product on the market.

AND There is More that we can do Together!

We are one of the only pillow companies out there who support a 90 Night promise.

Although we receive very few returns, we are thrilled to redress the returned pillows and donate to a local women’s shelter. They are thrilled to received them and we are thrilled to give this great product a new life and the woman and their children a soft place to land. enVy Pillow Co is proud of the efforts made by our partners to keep our product sustainable.

What you can do:

Take your old pillow to a Memory Foam recycling depot. Memory foam can be shredded and used for carpet underlay.

Organic Latex is compostable and is considered a "brown" composting material. Your composter or compost pile needs a proper ratio of carbon-rich materials, or “browns,” and nitrogen-rich materials, or “greens.” Other brown materials include dried leaves, straw, and wood chips. Nitrogen materials are fresh or "green," such as grass clippings and kitchen scraps.

Organic latex requires about 6 months to decompose.

Is sustainability in your purchase decision making important to you?

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